Access to Assistance for Visually Disabled

Please find below information how patients with visual impairment can access volunteers and what Guide Dogs is doing as part of their internal processes. This information has been shared by Guide Dogs:

Not only can people who are “registered disabled” self-refer, those deemed to be “newly socially vulnerable” due to COVID-19 can too. There is no definition on the NHS responder website run by Royal Voluntary Service, but they have acknowledged that people with sight loss can self-refer or be referred for a Good SAM volunteer. The self-referral can be found here.

In addition, Guide Dogs has been accepted as an approved partner so those working on our (Guide Dogs) Information Line can refer people in (with the person’s permission).  Here is a link to the RVS volunteers portal. The link to our advice can be found towards the bottom. 

We have a link from the volunteers resources portal on the RVS website to guidance we have produced for Good SAM volunteers giving some advice and guidance on how they might need to adapt the way they give support.