PPE - Safe Disposal of Waste

 Waste from possible cases of Covid-19 and materials used in the cleaning of areas where possible cases have been (including PPE, disposable cloths and tissues) should be disposed of as follows: 


  1.   All waste should be put in a plastic rubbish bag and tied. 


  1.    The plastic bag should then be placed in a second bin bag which is tied when full. You may choose to use a large pedal operated bin for the second bin bag. 


  1.    Waste should be stored safely and kept away from areas where staff may come into contact with it. 


  1.    You should not put your waste in communal waste areas until the waste has been stored for at least 72 hours. If storage for at least 72 hours is not appropriate, arrange for collection, as a Category B infectious waste, either by your local waste collection authority, if they currently collect your waste or otherwise by a specialist clinical waste contractor. They will supply you with orange clinical waste bags for you to place your bags into so the waste can be sent for appropriate treatment.