National Go Live - GOS Payments

As you are aware we’re getting ready for the National Go Live of the new ophthalmic payments service on Monday, but I thought this would be a good time to give you an update on the progress we’ve already seen so far in the Early Adopter stage. As I think this gives a good feel for what is to come when we go fully live!


If you remember, we started with our Early Adopters of the PCSE Online solution in August. We then launched the service with two Practice Management System (PMS) suppliers in October. In total, 28 Opticians went live pre-launch across the country. Most have completed at least one payment run and their experience has been a great indicator of how others will pick up the service: we’ve already had thousands of claims submitted from these Early Adopters so far; payment files continue to be generated and successfully uploaded on time; and all Contractor statements have been reconciled with claims submitted.


We’ve been engaged with these early adopters from the registration process through to the end payment run. Common themes we found were that:

-          The solution was more intuitive than they’d expected

-          Signing electronically worked well, with one Early Adopter saying they’d had a nonagenarian customer who coped marvellously with it!

-          The tech works well with a range of hardware – from using a mouse to sign to tablets to even a Kindle Fire


We’ll be gathering more feedback from these early adopters and others as we go to see the benefits they are realising too in terms of costs saved, workflows improved and clarity received from eg being able to access the online statements. We’ve also taken feedback from these Early Adopters to already make minor improvements to the service, ready for National Go Live.


In terms of preparation for the Go Live, the optical community has already registered thousands of users, but there’s still more to come. This is a great start for a service that is yet to launch! We’ll be communicating and engaging over the coming weeks to get more people signed up, but would appreciate your help in getting the message out to your audiences about what they need to do and how to get signed up. We’ll be sharing various documents, videos and updates with you to help do this, but please do shout if there is anything in particular that you would find useful.


We also continue to work closely with the large optical chains to help them develop and roll out their solutions. We have plans in now from these and are seeing some great energy and enthusiasm for making the service live. Again we’ll keep you updated on roll outs as they happen from the large optical chains and the PMS providers.


I hope that has been a useful update, if you require any more information please do let me know.


Best wishes


Kirsty Adlem

Ophthalmic Engagement Manager

Communications & Engagement Team

Primary Care Support England