NHS Fax Switch-off 30/09/19


The Norfolk & Waveney STP Digital Stategy Steering Group is implementing "Axe the Fax" across the whole of Norfolk & Waveney by 30th September 2019. From this date Community Optometrists  be unable to refer using FAX and will be required to switch to referral by email. Email referrals can only be made via a secure email account which means you will have to obtain an NHSmail account (with an email address ending '@nhs.net')

The following is a guide for all GOS/Service providers in Norfolk & Waveney. -

Following the decision from NHS England to turn off the fax machines, the NNUH is looking if possible, to implement this as soon as possible. Your practice will be able to replace this route with email but only if you have an nhs.net address.

The following is a guide as to how to apply for an nhs.net email account. Unfortunately, nhs.net email addresses are no longer available as a single practice address for use by multiple users, the reason being the sharing of passwords is an information governance risk plus other numerous reasons. NHS.NET email for practice, it is best to use a multi-user shared mailbox, whereby you access the practice nhs.net email via your own individual nhs.net account. This account does not have a password and account owners can add or remove access as applicable. Shared mailboxes (i.e the practice one) can be accessed without having to login separately when selecting the ‘Open another mailbox’ tab from within your own nhs.net address.



It is also required that two of the practice nhs.net users are to be noted as owners of the mailbox. These must be a Director/Partner or Practice Manager
1.  First you should ensure you have completed the DSPT (data security protection toolkit) part of the Quality in Optometry under the checklist heading ‘NHS mail checklist’, that contains 15 questions. On completion it should be submitted to NHS DIGITAL (clear signage online). You also need to produce a PDF document that you can attach to your application. This is the minimum requirement if however, you have already completed the full Optical DSPT toolkit then download and supply this pdf.
2.  You will need your Organisation Data Service Code (ODS).  This is something that most of you will already have, as you also need it to submit CET claim forms, but if you are unsure you can check on https://digital.nhs.uk/services/organisation-data-service  and follow the guidelines.
3.  Once you have this you can download your application form by clicking the link https://support.nhs.net/knowledge-base/registering-optometrists/
4. Fill this in where indicated.  Please be aware that your chosen practice e-mail name should be pre-fixed with your ODS code. You should also be aware that your preferred individual nhs.net name for yourself may already be in use, should this be the case the process does require a current mobile contact number so alternatives can be offered.  Once the application is in process please keep checking your phone. At the time of first application create a list of the nhs.net addresses you require for your business for those who will be able to access the practice nhs.net address via their own account.
5.  Once you have completed the form email it to: England.optometryeast@nhs.net
6. If you have not heard within a two-week time frame follow the guidelines on the application form.
7. The next stage will depend on whether as the owner you already have an nhs.net email or not and whether your chosen employees to receive one have one or not
7A. You/they will get an email or text message to say you have an account that needs to be set up.
7B. If a new account at this point you will create your own password.
7. For account owners to locate the practice nhs.net email click on their profile tab in their own nhs.net account and select shared mailbox. Enter the given practice nhs.net e-mail (marked email) and click enter. This shows your chosen practice name in display name, click here. This shows you members and owners.
8. Once you have the practice nhs.net email and the owners assigned you need to contact  nelcsu.itservicedeskanglia@nhs.net The service desk will then add the individual nhs.net email address of people who you allow access to use your practice nhs.net account.
9. Each time you want to add an individual or remove you must do this via the service desk.
Please treat this e-mail as of HIGH IMPORTANCE.
The process does work it usually takes up to 2 weeks from application 
Julien Nelson F.B.D.O

Clinical Governance & Performance Lead, Primary Eyecare North Ltd.