Primary Eyecare Norfolk & Waveney

Primary Eyecare Norfolk & Waveney Ltd (PENW) is the trading company of Norfolk & Waveney LOC. PENW was formed to administer the commissioning and management of Community Eye Care Services in your community.


Primary Eyecare Norfolk & Waveney Ltd - Directors and contact details

Registered Company\Charity Name

Primary Eyecare Norfolk & Waveney Ltd

Registered Office

2 Woodbridge Street




Address for notices

Ian Sinha

01603 666494


Company\Charity Number



Provider Representative

Deborah Daplyn


Authorised Signatory

Ian Sinha


Information Governance Lead

Julien Nelson


Caldicott Guardian

Tim Burgis


Senior Information Risk Owner

Tim Burgis


Accountable Emergency Officer

Tim Burgis


Safeguarding Lead

Tim Burgis


Prevent Lead

Niall O’Brien


Mental Health and Deprivation of Liberty Lead


Elizabeth Bunn


Freedom to Speak Up Guardian

 Not Appointed


Below are links to statutory notices covering the activities of the company. Please click on each for full details:

Patient Leaflet

Complaints Policy

CPD Requirements

Freedom of Information

Data Protection & Privacy Policy